4 coffee biohacks that will boost your health

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Did you know coffee was a super-food? Or a super-drink if you like.

Humans have drunk this “miracle drug” since forever. Yet, it took us a while to appreciate its vital properties.

Recently, the viral biohacking trend has driven the interest of health-conscious consumers in coffee drinking.

But what is biohacking?

A colorful biohacking definition is “DIY biology”. Broadly speaking, it’s all about improving your lifestyle as well your physical and mental performance through biohacks.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not!

Biohacking examples could be as simple as taking a cold shower to strengthen your immune system. Or perhaps cutting down on social media to get better sleep at night.

If we narrow that down to a biohacking diet, biohacks are the changes you make in what you eat and drink to have better health and wellbeing.

And that’s where healthy coffee comes in!

So, what are the health benefits of coffee?

Let’s dive into the biohacking potential of this elixir of life.

    1st - The caffeine effect

      Shakespeare didn't drink coffee. That’s why he came up with the wrong question.

      To take caffeine or not to take caffeine? That’s the real dilemma!

      What’s the answer then?

      Caffeine’s effect is subjective as it depends on many factors like age, gender, diet, etc.. Many people go for decaffeinated coffee to stay away from caffeine crashes and jitters. Which makes sense if your eyes are wide open at 1 am after guzzling five cups of Americano during the day.

      But you should not demonize caffeine.

      Besides boosting your mood and productivity, a moderate caffeine consumption can have other positive impacts on people’s health.

      So, how much coffee is good for your health?

      Apparently, three to four cups a day (up to 400 mg of caffeine) seems to be the golden dose.

      Unless you’re pregnant. According to a research, sticking to max 200 mg of caffeine per day minimizes the risk of miscarriage.

      Anyway, if you’re new to coffee drinking or have a low tolerance to caffeine, CoffeeHack has brewed up a middle (coffee) ground solution for you: Half Caff.

      By enjoying this blend, you’ll get a controlled release of caffeine into your body.

      You know what that means?

      A steady stream of energy and a constant focus throughout your day with no crashes or jitters.

        2nd - A fountain of youth

          Who wants to live forever?

          Well, if you do, coffee can help to some extent!


          Based on several studies, coffee is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods you can biohack your diet with.

          For instance, it contains plenty of polyphenols (hydroxycinnamic acids above all).

          Although these names may sound intimidating, you should hunt for them.


          Because studies suggest that coffee antioxidants prevent heart disease, reduce cancer risk, and cure type 2 diabetes.

          On top of that, researchers revealed antioxidants are also a good biohack if you want your skin to age as slowly as possible.

          This applies to your brain as well. Scientists found that coffee protects you from getting neurodegenerative diseases like Parkison’s, dementia and Alzheimer's.

          Caffeine and other coffee compounds may also reduce inflammation and heal wounds.

          The interesting thing is you don’t need caffeine in your holy (coffee) grail.

          You can enjoy CoffeeHack’s DeTox Decaf and get the same amount of antioxidants as caffeinated coffee.

            3rd - A mindful ritual

              Coffee is not only good for biohacking your body.

              Preparing and drinking this supernatural beverage is a mindful activity and has got a deeper social and cultural meaning for some communities.

              For instance, in Ethiopia coffee making is a ritual. Literally.

              The Amhara region is one of the areas where the famous Arabica coffee beans are grown. Over there, Ethiopian women set up a lengthy coffee ceremony, called Jebena buna.

              A full coffee trip: Bean roasting, grinding, brewing. Once the strong slow-coffee is ready, they serve it in a ceramic pot along with snacks to go with it. Friends and family gather for hours to catch up and reconnect.

              One of CoffeeHack’s values is to roar on the rise of female farmers in the coffee business. In fact, we’ll soon launch a woman-produced coffee line: “The Lioness’’. This will be the first coffee from female farmers from Colombia.

              But that’s not the only example of coffee-based mindfulness practice.

              Italians are well known for their “Espresso time”. This can be a social gathering, a chilling moment, or even an excuse for a date! All things that benefit your mental health and wellbeing (well, unless your date goes south).

              Science also supports the mental health benefits of coffee. It’s well known that coffee cheers you up. But that’s an understatement.

              Drinking coffee can be a life savior as it may reduce the risk of depression by over 30%.

                4th - Magic blends

                  It’s nice to spice things up sometimes, right?

                  CoffeeHack is putting its Breaking Bad hat on to explore new horizons beyond coffee. There’s a wealth of powerful ingredients we could spike coffee with.

                  These fall into two major categories: nootropics and adaptogens.

                  You may have seen movies like Limitless or Lucy. Without too much spoiler, the protagonists achieve phenomenal mental abilities after taking a nootropic pill. The brain biohacking gives them superior photographic memory, telepathy, mental time travel, you name it.

                  So, do nootropics work in reality?

                  While sci-fi can be cheesy, nootropics, also called smart drugs, do improve your cognitive skills.

                  And guess which is the most famous nootropic substance? Yes, caffeine.

                  Ever heard of Cannabidiol (CBD)? This is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and is also a nootropic substance.

                  In 2018, FDA approved the first CBD-containing drug to treat epilepsy. But CBD can have tons of other beneficial effects on your health. It’s a natural painkiller, reduces stress and anxiety, and is awesome for skincare.

                  Most of all, CBD can calm you down as well. This would counter the hype of a caffeine overdose. That’s why we chose to combine the two compounds into our new magic formula: CBD coffee!

                  From the happy marriage between caffeine and CBD, we’ll give birth to the ultimate biohack.

                  What about adaptogens?

                  Examples include a list of adaptogenic herbs, like ashwagandha and rhodiola, just to name a few.

                  So, what does an adaptogen do?

                  Basically, it helps your body and mind adapt to the outside world buzz. Doing so, it protects you from stress and makes you feel less tired.

                  Even though they’re not ticking all the boxes of the adaptogens definition, some types of mushrooms, like Lion's mane, have adaptogenic benefits.

                  Lion's mane mushrooms have been used in Asia as a medicine for a long time. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, these adaptogenic mushrooms can bring down your anxiety level.

                  The mushroom coffee mix is another promising biohack and CoffeeHack will soon be in the myco-business to launch its unique recipe.

                  Biohack your future with our coffee treats

                  As you can see, you can get much more than a boost from coffee.

                  Whether you’re a caffeine aficionado, a decaf lover, or you want to explore new coffee avenues, we got you covered.

                  CoffeeHack aims to provide you a customised drinking experience that will spike up your life.

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